Introducing The Team - Boo

Our wonderful Boo - a dream since we first chose her at eight weeks old five years ago - is the girl behind our brand. 

Snoozy Boo, nicknamed because she loves her bed. She has a lifestyle most of us would love, a lie in every morning, and then her morning ritual of down dog stretches, yoga moves (yes, really!) and a roll around on the carpet. The girl knows how to relax and will be straight in front of the log fire to warm her paws whenever she gets the chance, but don’t let that fool you. 

Boo can run and chase with the best of them. The first thing we noticed when we brought her home was just how much energy she had running around the garden, and she’s still very active. She strikes a great balance between play and rest!

She’s clever, too, which is my favourite thing about her. Boo understands everything and has some great tricks to show off; paw, talking back with the cutest head tilt, and of course her down dog and other yoga poses! Boo was very easy to train, she will do practically anything I command in the house. She was also a natural in dog agility class. When she’s off the lead, though, she can be very strong-willed!

I love using our Shampoo on Boo. She loves it when I massage it through her back, and she enjoys the shake-to-dry at the end. She has long legs, with bootleg style feather fur, and that’s a grooming challenge as it can easily get tangled. Her hind dewclaws make her hyper-sensitive, so I need to be extra careful around this area. Our Conditioning Lotion works wonders on her leg fur. As well as using it as a daily leave-in conditioner I also use it as an intense conditioner after shampooing and then rinse it out. I use it in areas that are particularly knotted, too, to ease out any tugs.

Our first Toy Poodle and the dog that started it all, Boo holds an extra special place in my heart. She lives the life, she’s sharp as a tack, and she’s definitely top dog in the pack!