About Us

I'm Ali, this is me pictured with my 3 Fur babies, Olive is my beautiful Black girl, she's taller than your average Toy Poodle but she struts like a super model and has the sweetest nature. Boo (The Boss) is my first Toy Poodle, she is so intelligent, understands every word and never forgets a thing! Betsy (in my arms) is one of Boos puppies, she's petite & dainty like a little pixie, but don't let that fool you, she thinks she's The Boss!

We also have a new addition to our fur baby family, 'Rufus' nicknamed 'Rufus Cuteness', you will see why... He's absolutely adorable, and very clever like Boo. He has settled in very well as you will see from the photos on our Instagram & Facebook.