The Original Boo Blend Essential Oils and Their Benefits

This unique blend of essential oils gives Snooboos products their beautiful fragrance with natural properties to benefit your pet and making them smell absolutely divine.


   Lavender - Calming
  Lime - Uplifting and anti-septic
  Lemongrass - Uplifting and anti-fungal
  Juniper - Grounding and soothing
  Orange - Uplifting and soothing
  Yarrow - Calming and anti-septic
  Grapefruit - Uplifting and anti-viral
  Clove - Energising and healing
  Sandalwood - Grounding
  Ginger - Warming  and eases orthopaedic pain
  Nutmeg - Calming and soothing
  Lemon - Soothing and anti-septic
  Neroli - Calming
  Sweet Marjoram - benefits to sinus's
  Rosemary - Reduces stress and anti-inflammatory
  Cedarwood - Repels insects and anti-inflammatory