Lockdown Grooming

So, we’re in lockdown three – meaning non-essential businesses are closed, which sadly includes dog groomers.

The realisation has probably set in by now that if you will have to step up to meet the challenge of learning how to groom your own dog or dogs – eeek!? However, this might just be the perfect opportunity to learn a new skill and save a few pennies. Plus, it provides another opportunity to bond with your fur baby.

Tools of the trade…
There are special tools you will need to effectively groom your dog. Long haired dogs, for example will require different implements than those used on my poodles. Doodle type dogs in particular have high maintenance coats so need specific types of scissors and brushes. Do your research and work out what are the best tools you need to make your attempt as stress free and safe as possible. Once you’ve received them - organise all supplies in advance to save time and eliminate unnecessary trips away from the grooming area.

You will need;

  • High quality dog brushes
  • A good comb
  • Snooboo’s Shampoo
  • Snooboo’s Conditioning Spray
  • Microfiber drying mitt
  • Dog nail clippers
  • Coat spray
  • Dog grooming clippers
  • Paper towels
  • Blow dryer
  • Plenty of towels

Choose a Convenient Room

Since we have a few little pooches running about the place we invested in a grooming table, but any table will work. A bathroom or laundry room with access to water is ideal. It is important to have a large, comfortable, and safe place to secure your dog during the grooming process. A bath or large sink works well for a dog wash. Make sure all supplies are within reach before you start.



Pay close attention to the dog's coat. Brush gently to remove any matted hair. Chat to your furry friend to put him or her at ease. A slicker brush works well for the task of removing dirt before bathing. The first step is to remove any mats as they’re harder to get rid of once the coat is wet which can increase anxiety in your pooch, since they’re painful to untangle. At Snooboos we regularly use our CONDITIONING SPRAY to loosen up knots and tangles. This rich non greasy formulation is blended with organic essential oils, cold pressed olive oil & aloe vera and enriched with cedarwood & lavender and works to detangle, deodorise and condition the coat leaving it soft, manageable and naturally scented.

Brushing is the only way to find knotted hair. Work in small sections without rushing through. Begin at the feet and work up and from the root of the hair to the tip. If a mat cannot be brushed or combed out, cut it or shave it. Severe matting is painful for a dog. If you decide to cut, use only rounded scissors to avoid injury.


Using a handheld shower head cover the entire coat, before adding shampoo. Our award-winning SHAMPOO is enriched with cedarwood & juniper and thoroughly cleans, conditions and leaves coats healthy, soft and naturally scented.

Lather and massage the coat making sure to clean the belly, tail, chest, and feet. Rinse with warm water and pat dry with a soft towel. To eliminate all moisture after the dog wash, comb the coat then use a handheld hair dryer set on low to medium temperature. Try and make sure the coat is completely dry before trimming or cutting.

Trimming and Clipping

Using good clippers means the difference between a good trim and one that can go a bit awry! Professionals use clipper blades that allow them to determine the length of the coat easily. Use the clippers against the direction the hair grows but be careful getting too near to skin as they can get hot! Move the clippers slowly across the dog's body, which removes the hair in even lines. Start at the neck and move downwards. Go under the ears, down the chest and then up to the throat. The sides and backs are next and the legs should be last.

If your pup is quite calm, you can have a go at clipping nails. You will be able to clip smaller dogs nails with regular nail clippers, but larger breeds will need special plier type clippers. It takes a steady hand and if the paw is especially sensitive to the touch, it might be a good idea to wait until the next professional grooming visit if possible. Finally nourish those adorable pads with our PAW BALM. Our healing remedy balm is packed full of amazing natural ingredients for any dry patches. Enriched with Neem to help fight bacteria and inflammation and comfrey to heals sores and soothe stings. The balm is perfect for dry patches, chapped paws and noses, helping to keep your pooch moisturised.

Handy Tips

Remember that this is a tough and stressful period for everyone and dogs especially can sense your uneasiness and frustration. Don’t rush a grooming session, instead stop for frequent breaks. Choose a quiet time when your dog is calm and relaxed. Maybe engage in a bit of play to burn off excess energy before you start. Do not be afraid of making a mistake and perhaps reward your dog with treats for a good job! Your patience will pay off and the task will be easier the next time.