Meet Olive

Our sweet, loyal, super model Olive is always by my side.

Olive is three and has been with us since she was seven weeks old. She has been laid back from day one, with no crying on the journey home, and not a hint of concern when Boo tried to show her who was boss!

Olive is the most loving dog when she feels comfortable. Olive loves affection, needs a lot of hugs, and will even wrap her front legs around me which is so gorgeous to see. She’s beautifully graceful with fabulously long legs and a slim body. She struts around so glamorously!

Her best trick is leaping like a lamb. She’s such an active girl and will spring around the field as soon as she’s loose. But then she’s back to snuggling on the sofa when we get home.

I love using our Snooboos Organic Dog Paw Wash and then Snooboos Organic Paw Balm on Olive because she bites her nails and this acts as a deterrent. It’s safe for her to lick as it’s all natural. My biggest challenge grooming Olive is her legs. She doesn’t like me to dry her legs and conveniently tucks them underneath when I try to blow dry them!

She sits, she stays, lies down on command and won’t touch her treats until I tell her. Olive was easy to train because she’s such an easy-going, good girl!