Snooboos was developed to take care of the specific needs of poodle hair

Snooboos was developed to take care of the specific needs of poodle hair. Although poodles have beautiful coats, they can be high maintenance. The popularity of the ‘doodle’ and ‘poo’ breeds is very much related to the nature of their coat since they’re hypoallergenic and don’t shed. Meaning they are great for those with allergies – as well as being smart, good- natured, sweet family dogs - what a combo!

Doodle dogs are mixes between poodles and other breeds. Labradoodles and Cockapoos are the most well-known of these types of dogs, but there are oodles of others from Schnoodles to Maltipoos!

But back to the coat! Matting is common, as are ear infections owing to the mass of hair gathering near the ear canal, both of which are unpleasant for dog and owner – as is having to pay a groomer to repeatedly shave down your pooch. It’s therefore worthwhile regularly grooming him or her at home, to keep your furry friend in tip-top condition.

In this post, we’ll provide some key insights about how to groom your Doodle-type-dog. I always follow this regime for my poodles, but you’ll be able to use the same approach for a Goldendoodle or Labradoodle or any type of doodle/poo mix.

There are various types of brushes that you need to groom your Doodle. These brushes should be used every few days if possible, to tame tangles, knots and avoid mats. A pin brush will help you remove knots, a comb is also good for tackling tangles, a slicker brush will remove loose undercoat hair and will sort mats and remove debris and a dematting brush will, well remove mats!

The first step is to remove any mats as they’re harder to get rid of once the coat is wet which can increase anxiety in your pooch, since they’re painful to untangle. At Snooboos we regularly use our CONDITIONING SPRAY to loosen up knots and tangles. This rich non greasy formulation is blended with organic essential oils, cold pressed olive oil & aloe vera and enriched with cedarwood & lavender and works to detangle, deodorise and condition the coat leaving it soft, manageable and naturally scented.

If you have severe matting it is best to call a groomer and get help, if not persevere with a brush and conditioning spray working gently through the coat teasing the hair rather than dragging it.

While there are many types of dog shampoos available, the sensitivity of a Doodle’s skin means they are best suited to an organic, natural based product. At Snooboos we only use high grade ingredients, formulated using natural, organic, vegan blends suitable for even the most sensitive skins. Plus, all our products are scented naturally using essential oils chosen for their therapeutic properties – so there aren’t any nasties in there to cause irritation.

Our award winning SHAMPOO is enriched with cedarwood & juniper and thoroughly cleans, conditions and leaves coats healthy, soft and naturally scented.

After you’ve completed a thorough wash, either pat dry or use a dryer. You can have a go with a regular hair dryer but this can be timely and can sometimes be a little overbearing for your fur baby, so it’s a good idea to invest in a pet hair dryer. This sort of dryer is a heatless and high-pressure and will help you achieve that at-home grooming look. Now that your pooch is clean and free from mats and tangles, you can begin to clip.

Some clippers can increase in temperature, so throughout clipping you should regularly check the blade to ensure it isn’t too hot. Clippers are the perfect tool for body, legs, belly, sanitary areas and between paw pads. You can then use scissors for more delicate work, such as trimming around mouths and eyes and to take the length off ears. Some of these areas take lots of time and practice to get right.  If there are any parts of the grooming process that you aren’t quite comfortable with, you can always send your dog to a professional groomer to get help.

However, you can easily prolong the time between grooming sessions by daily/weekly brushing and by using a conditioning spray to maintain coat health. One product we can’t live without is our PAW WASH, perfect for daily use after muddy walks and outdoor play and blended naturally with cedarwood and lavender. This will soothe and cleanse whilst offering a quick fix solution to removing debris and dirt from paws before your pup makes his or her way across carpets and onto furniture.

Grooming your pooch at home is a great bonding exercise and with practice you’ll soon be able to groom your dog from home.  Try not to be discouraged if your attempt isn’t quite salon quality – grooming takes a lot of practice but by using the right products you’ll certainly see the benefits. We’re always happy to answer any questions you might have around grooming poodles and similar breeds, so feel free to get in touch.